We were tired of complicated mockup software that offer unnecessary features that waste the developer's time. We wanted to make a mockup tool that feels familiar to a programmer and is dead simple to use.

What it does

It converts ascii images of a website mockup into the actual website.

How I built it

Oktay used React to build the front-end, and built the ascii editor himself. Percy wrote a Python server that handled the heavy work of parsing the ascii input to generate the HTML components.

Challenges I ran into

Network connection was unsuccessful. We ran into some technical difficulties that we couldn't solve because of the time limit.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We built a basic prototype that actually works! ... if you enter the input to the server by hand.

What I learned

Percy learned about RESTful API development using Flask for the first time. Oktay learned that reinventing the wheel takes time and energy.

What's next for Ascii Mockup

We want to get the server connection to work and add more features.

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