Why we did

Ever since the creation of online video sharing, high bandwidth usages have always been a major issue. We wanted to develop a service that allowed for low data usage video sharing, because even now some areas in the world have limited bandwidth making it very difficult to do video calls. This would even have an effect on when we would try and call our families overseas. Video adds a layer of depth that in unattainable by voice calling only.

How we did

ASKEY was developed to be a solution to all of these issues. By converting the video to an Ascii string before transmission and then displaying the video through Ascii, we end up sending a significantly smaller amount of data. However, we managed to maintain a reasonable amount of video quality despite going through this process.

What we did

In the end, we built a functional web application that allows you to chat and facetime people with audio at ultra-low bandwidth requirement (Whooping ~250KB/s RAW uncompressed). As a comparison, a 480p RAW video requires 44 times the bandwidth at 11MB/s! Imagine what we could achieve in the future if we work on actual compression!

We hope using this new technology we can break the locks that divide the world, one asKEY at a time.

Our url is (Pun intended)

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