On our flight to Georgia, we didn't have much to do and thought it would be awesome if we could connect our laptops via Bluetooth and play games in our terminal emulators. So we made it!

What It Does

We have several games available, all of which are multiplayer. You can connect online with players from around the world, or offline over a Bluetooth connection.

Challenges We Ran Into

There is no complete python package for bluetooth programming, so we needed to reconstruct some functionality to support non-blocking communication between multiple clients and a single host. We spent a significant amount of time debugging our network implementation. Reducing the latency between clients was also challenging, especially for real-time arcade games such as Tron and Pong.

Accomplishments We're Proud of

Along with learning to put together ASCII graphics, it was a super fun time getting to see our mini-arcade games come to life! There were several instances where doubt settled in concerning whether or not we could complete a single game. Persistence and encouragement amongst each other pushed us to finish with two games and another close to completion!

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