Braille printing is normally expensive. Hence, a relative low cost answer to this question was much needed.

What it does

Identifies text from images and documents and prints in braille.

How we built it

We used Microsoft cognitive Services for OCR. We then converted the identified characters to braille (grade 2) and using Arduino, we printed it out.

Challenges we ran into

Using Microsoft Cognitive Services API was a challenge to learn and use from scratch. Linking the API via Python. Making the Braille printer.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The API works. The text obtained in braille is correct. The printer will hopefully work too. The complete system is extremely cost efficient.

What we learned

Team work. Making real-time devices are difficult. Such systems require hard-core UI design techniques.

What's next for ASCII

A better mechanical system that is portable and reliable. A sturdy device would be very successful.

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