In college, my team and I built a VR Solar System simulator that was a blast to work on. For this project, I wanted to do something similar, where I could render in planets into the browser rather than in a VR environment and use it as a backdrop for a payment application.

What it does

Take a look ;)

How we built it

Rapyd API + React + Express + Three.JS

Challenges we ran into

Manage time appropriately - Don't dedicate 90% of your time on UI and 10% on the backend :) Moving a camera in space is difficult.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Managed to build the space environment, and a very nice looking planet earth.

What we learned

Rapyd's API is actually quite incredible

What's next for ASCENT Corp Space Tourism Program

Lots of work is needed to patch this up for a production-level use.

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