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Team Members:

Name: Anthony Mineo

Background: Programming, Unity Development

Role: Team Lead, Developer, Programmer, AI, UI

Main focus is on character movement, weapons, and inventory.

Name: Alex Santiago

Background: Programming

Role: Animations and AI

Main focus is on animating and creating the AI for the enemy.

Name: Ariana Santiago

Background: Graphical Artist, 3D Modeling

Role: 3D Modeling

Main focus is on modeling the enemy in the game.

Name: Luis Turri

Background: Physical Art

Role: Environmental Design

Main focus is on creating the terrain and environment in the game.

Name: Terrence Winston

Background: Unity Development, Music

Role: AI, Animation

Main focus will be assisting Alex, our animator, in programming AI and Animations. He also provided a second Vive for testing.

Project Description


This game is about being a hero hellbent on taking down the titans, which have taken control of various lands. The hero is a very well outfitted demigod warrior. The hero, with his sword, gun, and powers of lightning will take down these titans.


In ‘Ascended’, the player assumes the role of a demigod, tasked with bringing down the fearsome creatures laying waste to the land. The focus is on leaving the strategy on defeating the monsters up to the players. We want the player to feel like he has control over the situation to a degree unlike most “Arcade” style VR games.

The gameplay involves using the vive controllers to fly as if you were Goku or Superman, with arms partially extended. Direction of flight is determined by how you point the trigger side of the controller, and press the grips. Additionally, the player will be outfitted with multiple different weapons to defeat the giant monsters who are your enemy. The player will be able to switch through these weapons with the touchpad based on the side of the touchpad that is pressed.


Start Menu: Play, Training, Exit



Grips: Flight in direction of the bottom of the controller.

Trigger: Depending on selected weapon:

Sword: Nothing

Gun: Fires Projectile

Lightning Bolt: Grab and throw, depending on the velocity, a lightning bolt

Touchpad: Changes player weapons. The touchpad is divided into 4 quadrants in an X formation via code. The top, left, right, down are all “buttons” the player can press.

Menu Button: Changes player from hover mode to full flight control mode


Dynamic flight based movement is the main mechanic in this game. The player has full freedom to move around within a designated space in the game. To move around he will use the controllers to point where he wants the velocity to push him and use the grip buttons to create the force. He will use this maneuverability to dodge monster attacks, as well as launch an offensive from any angle. A sword attached to the hand/controller is the first weapon designed, this weapon will do the most possible damage as the player will continually hurt the monster as long as the sword is in him. A Gun was the next weapon designed which is attached to the hand and the trigger fires. This weapon will do the least amount of damage as it is the easiest weapon to use. The last weapon is a thrown lightning bolt which is a more difficult ranged weapon than the gun, but will do more damage than it.

The lightning bolt spawns upon trigger pull if it is selected and then gathers the velocity of the controler and multiplies it to create a god like feel when thrown. The monster will have attacks based on its theme and design, largely based on its region/biome. An emphasis is placed on the difficulty of the monster; a “one life” system means the player will have to carefully choose how they engage the enemy.

Level Design

The level will be based off of the theming of the monster. The monster in this level is a fantasy/forest based.

Forest and Mountain

Mood: Natural, Fantasy


Ambient: Trees, Fog, Boulders

Interactive: Barrier

The level will feature a barrier which will limit the player's ability to run from the monster endlessly.

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