Ascendant Challenge is a Dreaming City’s activity that players can complete every week to get gear. The challenge location keeps rotating every week while changing with the level of the curse and may be disturbing for new players.

The planet is so big, and finding certain locations may be difficult for the new players. Ascendant Challenges are not known by most new light players.


Dreaming City has three different curse cycles that are Weak, Medium, and Strong. We can use the cursing type for locating Petra Venj, she is the vendor who will give you the Ascendant Challenge.

Her locations are The Strand, Divalian Mists and Rehasilvia for Weak Curse, Medium Curse, and Strong Curse respectively. Recently

sony also reveals the PlayStation 5 Worldwide Release Date. Ascendant Challenge is an activity that you unlock when you reach Dreaming City and are tied to the Ascendant Plane. Every week players will get a single portal at random locations that act as the door to the Ascendant Plane. The level of the curse determines the location of the Ascendant Challenge every week.

There are few set locations Ascendant Challenge This Week and the rotation happens between these locations only. That is:

Bay of Drowned Wishes Gardens of Esila Spine of Keres Harbinger’s Seclude Chamber of Starlight Aphelion’s Rest destiny-2-Ascendant-Challenge-This-Week

Where are the Ascendant Challenge This Week? Players especially new ones are always confused about the location for the Ascendant Challenge whenever there’s a weekly reset. Let’s dive into Week’s Ascendant Challenge.

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