"The problem is our tenants don't approach us, so we don't really know what they want"

We interviewed the ascendas team and found out that they have challenges building strong relationships with their tenants which leads to difficulty understanding their needs and behavior. The only feedback they tend to get is operational related ones. In order to build a better tenant experience, we believe that it's important to understand their needs and address this knowledge gap.

What it does

Ascendas Livegram - smart insights for a seamless park

Ascendas livegram is a portal that uses pre-existing trackable and IoT-enabled devices (e.g. smart ID's, smart-trackers - temperature, heat sensors, smart lights, e-scooters etc) to track tenant behaviors from which, ascendas management team can gain meaningful insight and ultimately implement solutions that will improve tenant's experience.

How I built it

The demo was built using php, wordpress and chatbot.

Challenges I ran into

We had difficulty integrating Twizo, the host website mysteriously shut down and we had to re-do the entire prototype again at the very last minute.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud of taking the opportunity to understand the problem and see a way that could help ascendas re-think what the future of parks can look like and what role they can take in really driving the future of smart cities.

What I learned

  • It's important to give some buffer if things don't work out technically
  • 2min is short, it's important to keep it short and simple! storytelling is important :)
  • Collaboration in teams is important, be agile and flexible, diversity is good!
  • Keep a positive mindset and have a lot of fun!!

What's next for Ascenda livegram

The way we see it, Science Park will be a lens into the Future

We see Ascendas Livegram as a defining step in helping position Ascendas as future-centric property developer:

  • Ascendas can be one of the first developer to smart contracts to handle property transactions
  • By better understanding the needs of consumers, Ascendas is better poised to attract experimental companies coming to explore future of work
  • Ascendas will also be able to transform Science Part as a Futurist destination for tourism

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