Based on personal experiences of fellow team members, the idea for ASAP! stemmed from the need to have a resource, non-school related, which answers questions with thoughtful explanations on school topics/subjects when independently studying.

What it does

ASAP!, is a fast and easy way for students of any age to get tutoring assistance from community-rated tutors on a variety of subjects via online chat.

The way our application works is simple. Students can anonymously join by selecting the "Student" option on our website which redirects them to a series of questions. Our questions allow for our service to better understand our users needs by being able to provide specific tutors based on the requested subject of interest the user needs help with. To maintain an anonymous environment, each user also has the option to type a temporary username while using our service.

Once the user has submitted and responded to our questions, our service redirects the user to the online chat session. Using the community rating system, our service finds the most popular rated tutors, based on the requested subject of interest, as preference. When the user enters the online chat, the user can begin to chat with the tutor. To allow for quality assurance, the user has access to the tutors community rating and therefore has the option to opt out from the session at anytime.

After each successful tutoring session the user is then prompted to rate their experience using a five star system. To complete the service the user is then sent back to the main page and can start another tutoring session.

How we built it

For our project we used the following programs: Python, Django, Javascript, AJAX, HTML5 and CSS3.

Challenges we ran into

Had some difficulty with some back-end programming for our website and being able to send messages from the tutor to the student and vice versa in the chat box. Also had problems implementing a real time live-stream video chat, to ask questions face to face with a tutor.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

To design, code and realize our idea within the allotted time frame of the competition and present it to potential users.

What we learned

Learned how to program using Python, implement Django and back-end programming.

What's next for ASAP!

Future ideas include the following:

  1. Allow for users to have 2-way video chat.
  2. Designing an Android/IOS compatible app for download.
  3. Offer a premium membership to access additional tools.
  4. Offer a bilingual option
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