With the current pandemic we all want to find ways to keep in touch with our friends as well as stay active. We thought what better way to combine the two then to create a platform for people to do some fun beginner friendly guided yoga!

What it does

Asany is a platform which provides you with guided yoga sessions!

Anasy also uses pose detection to score you based on how close you are to our reference poses helping you to learn and improve your technique.

How we built it

Anasy is almost entirely built as a React app hosted on Google Cloud. We used the pretrained PoseNet model from TensorFlowJS to perform the pose detection.

What's next for Asany

Finish integrating the Vonage Video Calling API, we're 90% of the way there!

In the future we'd like to expand our reference poses to have a larger range of body shapes and sizes so we can provide more accurate and useful infomation to a wide range of people.

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