Inspiration 💠

We were inspired to create ArXMarket due to the growing trend of NFTs and the frustration that many beauty product buyers face when they can't return products they don't like. In the traditional beauty product shopping process, users are unable to try on the product before making a purchase, leading to a high number of returns.

To address this issue, we envisioned an application that would allow users to try on beauty products virtually, before making a purchase. As we delved deeper into the world of NFTs, we realized that this technology could provide a unique and innovative solution to the problem.

Thus, our idea of an AR try-on app was expanded into a full-fledged NFT marketplace where users could convert their virtual try-ons into valuable NFTs. With ArXMarket, users can try on products before making a purchase, avoid the hassle of returns, and participate in the NFT economy. This project is our attempt to bring innovation to the beauty product shopping process and provide a new and exciting way for users to engage with NFTs.

What it does 💪

ArXMarket is an Android AR application that combines the power of AR technology with the innovative concept of NFTs. It provides users with a unique and interactive way to try on and purchase beauty products while empowering social media influencers to monetize their content. The AR try-on feature allows users to virtually try on a selection of beauty products by applying them to their faces in real-time with the support of AR Core. This feature provides users with a realistic and interactive experience, allowing them to see how the product will look on their faces before making a purchase. The NFT marketplace allows users to convert their virtual try-on into valuable NFTs, which can be traded or sold on the 5ire blockchain. The NFTs serve as a digital certificate of ownership for the virtual try-on and can be used to monetize content or as a collectable item. ArXMarket offers several advantages over traditional beauty product shopping methods. By providing users with the ability to try on products virtually, they can avoid the hassle of returning products that they don't like. Additionally, social media influencers can use ArXMarket to monetize their content and earn money from their followers. The NFT marketplace also allows users to trade and sell their virtual try-ons as valuable NFTs, providing a new and innovative way to participate in the NFT economy.

How we built it 🧑‍💻

ArXMarket is an Android AR application with a NFT marketplace built using Solidity, TypeScript, and Next.js.

AR Try-On Feature

To build the AR try-on feature, we utilized the AR Core library and integrated it into our Android app. The AR Core library allowed us to apply the beauty products to the user's face in real-time, providing a realistic and interactive experience.

NFT Marketplace

For the NFT marketplace, we used Solidity to write smart contracts that would handle the creation and management of NFTs. To build the frontend, we utilized TypeScript and Next.js, which allowed us to create a fast and user-friendly platform.

The NFT marketplace was deployed on the 5ire blockchain, which provided a secure and reliable infrastructure for our application.

By integrating these two technologies, we were able to create a unique and innovative solution that allows users to try on beauty products virtually and convert their virtual try-ons into valuable NFTs.

Challenges we ran into 🧿

One of the main challenges we faced while building ArXMarket was integrating the AR technology with the NFT marketplace. We had to ensure that the AR try-on feature was smooth and seamless, while also making sure that the NFT marketplace was secure and reliable. Another challenge we faced was the limited number of beauty products we were able to add to the app. Additionally, we faced the challenge of optimizing the app for a wide range of devices, which required extensive testing and debugging. Despite these challenges, the experience of building ArXMarket taught us a lot about AR technology and NFTs and has inspired us to continue working on the project to find solutions to these challenges.

Accomplishments that we're proud of 🦚

We are proud to have accomplished several key features in the development of ArXMarket. Some of our proudest accomplishments include:

  1. Our team worked hard to create detailed and accurate 3D models of the beauty products featured in the AR try-on feature. These models were then synced to the face of the user using the AR Core library, providing users with a realistic and interactive experience.
  2. We are proud to have developed a fully functional NFT marketplace within the ArXMarket application. The NFT marketplace allows users to convert their virtual try-ons into valuable NFTs, which can be traded or sold on the 5ire blockchain. This provides users with a new and innovative way to participate in the NFT economy.
  3. Our team put a great deal of effort into ensuring that the user experience of ArXMarket was intuitive and enjoyable. From the simple and easy-to-use interface to the smooth and seamless AR try-on feature, we believe that we have created an application that users will find enjoyable and useful.

Overall, these accomplishments represent the hard work and dedication that our team put into the development of ArXMarket. We are proud of what we have achieved and are excited to continue to improve and expand the application in the future.

What we learned 🏫

During the development of ArXMarket, our team gained valuable knowledge and skills in a variety of areas. Some of the key things we learned include: We learned how to map AR features and create an interactive try-on experience for users. This involved working with the AR Core library and developing detailed 3D models of beauty products. We learned how to use the 5ire blockchain to create a decentralized NFT marketplace. This involved learning the basics of blockchain technology and developing a smart contract using Solidity and TypeScript. We gained experience in building an NFT marketplace from scratch. This involved working with various technologies and platforms, such as Next.js, to create a functional and user-friendly marketplace for NFTs.

Overall, the development of ArXMarket provided our team with the opportunity to learn and grow in a variety of technical and creative areas. We are grateful for the experience and look forward to continuing to improve our skills and knowledge in the future.

What's next for ArXMarket ⏭️

The development of ArXMarket is an ongoing process, and we have several plans for how we would like to improve and expand the application in the future. Some of the key goals we have for ArXMarket include:

  1. Integrating the Project Correctly - One of our main priorities is to properly integrate the AR try-on feature and NFT marketplace into a seamless and user-friendly experience. This involves addressing any technical issues and ensuring that all components of the application are working correctly.
  2. Improving Mapping Accuracy We plan to continue to improve the accuracy of the AR mapping and ensure that the beauty products look as realistic as possible on the user's face. This will involve further refining the 3D models and making any necessary adjustments to the AR Core library.
  3. Adding More Products We would like to expand the range of beauty products available in the AR try-on feature. This will provide users with a wider variety of options and will allow us to reach a larger audience.

Overall, our goal for ArXMarket is to continue to improve and expand the application, providing users with an enjoyable and valuable experience. We believe that by doing so, we can help to drive the growth and adoption of both AR and NFT technology.

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