Machine Learning has recently seen an exponential explosion in new research. Keeping up with the huge volume of new papers can be a real challenge for students, researchers, and professionals in the field. We wanted to build a prototype that helps users efficiently search for papers, get personalized recommendations, and discover new papers.

What it does

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Discover new papers!

ArXivNet offers an interactive view of the semantic paper embeddings compressed into 3D-space with principal component analysis (PCA) and t-SNE. Using this, the user can see clusters of different papers showing their similarities to discover new papers on a given topic.

Find the papers you want!

ArXivNet provides a different way to search through arXiv papers. After finding a paper, the user is able to get a list of related papers. These include papers which were referenced by the original, papers which cite the original, or papers which are deemed to be similar by checking cosine similarity of the vector representations of the papers on arXiv. The related papers can be viewed in list-form or in a graph which shows the ordering of the papers through time, and represents citations as arrows between them. This allows the user to see at a glance who has built upon the paper they've searched for, what the paper itself was built upon, and other papers with similar ideas.

Build your library and get customized recommendations!

ArXivNet also offers a user library where they can save papers they're interested in, as well as a recommendation feed which suggests new papers based off of the users saved papers and previous searches.

How we built it

Blood sweat and tears (as well as the semantic scholar API, dash, cytoscape, and tensorflow).

Challenges we ran into

Working with large amounts of data; Effective text search; Creating semantic embeddings that capture similarity;

Accomplishments that we are proud of

Building a working protoype.

What we learned

How to use DASH and work with academic paper data;

What's next for arXiv NET

Expanding the features of the user library so that the user can record notes on the papers they've saved, or tag them to make it easier to search through their library.

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