Currently i manage all my passwords on a USB stick, because I don't trust any third-party service provider. I've always wanted to build a decentralized service where I can store my passwords securely and can retrieve my passwords from any device.

Even more: I really want to develop the first real Arweave PWA (Progressive Web App that works as a native desktop app) and build an app with the Arweave's new feature: Arweave Path Manifest.

What it does

Arweave Vault is the Password Manager on the Arweave Blockchain. Store and manage access data of websites securely in the blockchain. The app uses client-side encryption based on the OAEP algorithm.

How I built it

There have been several phases:

  • Technical concept
  • Design/Guidelines Phase
  • Start of implementation
  • End-to-tests
  • Documentation
  • Publication

Challenges I ran into

Clear and understandable user interface. Design decisions are always difficult for a frontend developer ;)

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • The first real installable Arweave Progressive Web App
  • The first real application built with the Arweave Path Manifest
  • Speed of the app
  • Simple layout

What I learned

I am happy to see how the Arweave Path Manifest can be used to build a complex application. Super easy. All you need is an idea and a design. And the time ;)

What's next for Arweave Vault

I will submit the PWA to the Google App Store so that the application can be found directly in Google Chrome without visiting the app page. The acceptance criteria from Google App Store are fulfilled by the app.

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