We wanted to take drawing to a whole new level - and dimension.

What it does

ARtsy is a 3D drawing app that allows users to become ARtists. Users can draw, really, whatever they want in a 3D space. Once drawn, users can take screenshots of their creation which are then uploaded onto a website displaying the creations of different users.

How we built it

The app is built using Swift run on Xcode and the website using HTML/JavaScript/CSS. We also used Firebase database and storage to store user information and the screenshots of the creations.

Challenges we ran into

Everything actually, first it was coming up with an idea that is realistic and would benefit someone or something in the near future. Then it was coding the camera to work and allowing the user to draw anything on the screen. The main problem we had was storing all the user information and pictures into the Firebase. This was extremely difficult due to the fact that no one in our group had previously done Firebase before, we basically learned Firebase in less than 36 hours and implement it into our code.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Finishing and submitting an app that worked at least pretty well.

What I learned

We now have a much better understanding of databases and cloud storage, as well as cross-platform data transfer. (Firebase)

What's next for ARtsy

As of now, the drawing capabilities of ARtsy are rather basic and primitive. We would like to develop the app more so that it has more sophisticated drawing capabilities like special effects, clip art, etc.

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