Our team of four are all artists at heart and have lived around the major North American cities, from NYC to Toronto. So it’s only natural that we also share a love for city street art!

The problem our app solves also reflect the issues we have with finding street art. How can we feel connected with our city’s arts community? Where can we even find all of the local street art? And most recently relevant, since COVID-19 has us all in a mental funk, can we connect the arts with something that can help us reconnect with both other people and the city itself?

What it does

ArtStreet allows people to safely reconnect with their community by getting out of their houses and interacting with street art around the city and their community as well as connect with others who also enjoy finding and interacting with public art. Some of the features we build include:

  • A check-in feature to encourage people to go out and experience art pieces in person
  • Ability to upload artwork pictures, comments, and reactions that are aggregated in the community feed, to build a sense of togetherness
  • Explore features, including mapped out artworks, search bar, and recommended browsing categories

How we built it

Our team conducted research, ideated with sketches, and designed and prototyped the ArtStreet mobile app in Figma.

Challenges we ran into

One of our more hairy challenges included figuring out the app’s information architecture while trying to determine if all of the features we wanted actually served for the user’s problem. We solved for this by prioritizing features that would lead to great user experiences while also helping us create a community-building app.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

All four of us had always been intimidated by hackathons, so TechTogether NYC is actually all of our 1st real experience! We initially came across hackathons thinking: But as designers, do we actually belong in hackathons? And we all learned the answer to that is YES!

What we learned

This was the first time we all worked on a team with so many other designers (we’re all bootcamp students usually working on projects solo), so we had to learn how to work and decide on features together as a group. On the design phase for instance, we each designed separate screens, but soon realized that many of our components were inconsistent with each other since we each had our own creative solutions. We were always in a video conferencing room together during the entire duration of the hackathon, and we learned to overcome our design inconsistencies through continuous communication and reasoning out our major design decisions together.

What's next for ArtStreet

As our team designed for the MVP, we still envision for more iterations and updated app versions. For example, interactions with community members within the app would be further developed, from direct messaging to replying and interacting with existing comments. We would also design an in-app map that would not only allow people to route to art pieces that they want to go, but also have the function to create an ‘Art Viewing Party’ where it could ping everyone within a certain radius to come to a specific art piece. We would also want to develop the user profile and add functions such as a gallery for the user’s own posted pics.

Built With

  • figma
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