We are Team MemoryShifters. My name is Michelle (Marketer), Krista (speech pathologist), Liza (caregiver for her mother), Steve and Pierre (developers). What unites us and bring us here today at DementiaHack is that all of us have been affected by dementia in some way throughout our lives.

A big challenge for family caregivers is to maintain an engaged relationship with their loved ones as they change during the progression of the condition. (PAUSE)

Family caregivers are stressed and have little time, so what we’ve done to address this painpoint is create a platform called Arts for Dementia that contains curated arts-based information for caregivers who are looking for fun, easy-to-implement activities to help them stay connected to their loved one, both at home, and in the community.

What it does

There are two main areas to go on the website.

  1. caregivers can learn and share information on arts-based activities that can be easily implemented within the home
    1. caregivers can learn about arts-based events within the local community

Let’s imagine a caregiver is looking for things to do at home to stay engaged with their loved one. They could click At Home Activities, and see a list of types of activities, from pet therapy, to improv, to art.

If we click on art, we see several articles with descriptions. The caregiver can look through these articles, and select one that piques their interest. They can click on it for more information, and follow links to external websites to learn more.

Imagine that the caregiver is instead looking for activities to do in the community to get out a bit and maintain their social connection. This can be difficult, as some people with dementia have a hard time being in crowded rooms or getting out into the community. Here, we have a list of dementia-friendly events in Toronto.

You will see also that other caregivers can comment on events, and share how their experience was. Finally, there is a link here where people can submit their own content to share with the community. As this community grows, and more people frequent the site, we have plans for extra features to add in. We want to add more visuals, add in a rating systems that bring highly rated content to the top of the page, and also plan to add in to back-ends catered to researchers and data analytics. This whole model can be scaled up to present information beyond arts-based methods, like translating research to practice, and more. There is potential for this site to grow.

How I built it

Challenges I ran into

Creating a user friendly, clean and properly rendering CSS

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What I learned

What's next for Arts for dementia

We'd like to develop features a bit more and release it to the public!

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