I love to watch paintings and was always quick to move into the emotions and feelings that a painting projects. While looking at a painting I looked forward to have some music that blends into the atmosphere. Every Color has its own emotion and feeling related to it. The atmosphere for an art must depict the proper atmosphere of that piece.

What it does

This projects takes input as Images or Painting Image and detects the 5 Major colors from that Image. Also detects the maximum spread color. After detecting the names of the Image can be taken and the data can be sent for detecting the emotion. The detected emotion and feeling according to the parameters set will be used to get a song/music that related to the art.

How I built it

The whole project is maximum on python. The image taken is not resized to reduce chances of missing out main colors during detection. I had some experience with image processing still PIL as a library is new to me.

Challenges I ran into

Selecting proper cases for the derived parameters was challenging.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The color detection method is working perfectly and can detect the proper colors.

What I learned

It was a great to be introduced to p5.js and try a bit of more Python libraries.

What's next for Artone

The main focus still is to implement proper machine learning and algorithm to better understand more of art forms. This is very beginning and will be developed in stages.

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