Inspiration, a tool by Offsetra that calculates the carbon emission of an ongoing transaction through an Ethereum address, and, an inactive site that calculated the carbon emission from purchasing a single piece of crypto art.

What it does

ArtOffset is an Ethereum transaction carbon footprint off setter implemented as a chrome browser extension that works through sending deposit interest to active offsetting projects. It reads a user's personal Ethereum address, listens for transactions on the Ethereum blockchain through the Infura API, and gives the user a suggested amount to deposit to Spendless whenever an outgoing transaction is made from their address.

How we built it

Tiffany designed the front-end UI formatting and layout. Jesse programmed the back-end. The browser extension was created on the Google Chrome browser using Manifest V3, TypeScript, HTML, and CSS.

Challenges we ran into

We ran out of time to integrate the HTML and CSS formatting with the back-end application. We were also unable to add some of the intended functionality, such as filtering blockchain transactions with the user's address, due to time constraints. This was mostly due to our lack of experience creating browser extensions and using blockchain API.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our app is interactive and can successfully establish a WebSocket connection to the Ethereum API. Our UI component is also interactive, although not yet integrated to the main app.

What we learned

A great deal about cryptocurrency, blockchains, and their impact on the environment, along with working with Ethereum APIs. We knew next to nothing about the crypto world beforehand.

What's next for ArtOffset

  • Integrate UI component with main application
  • Connect user with cryptocurrency wallet
  • Save app data as browser cookies to maintain state between browser sessions
  • More utilization of the Infura API

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