I can never find out what artists like or recommend. Sales are commonly driven by endorsements yet each individual brand is still largely responsible for disseminating that information to fans.

What it does

This app allows artists to curate their own social profile and monetize their endorsements in a centralized location. With integration to brands via referral links and API integrations, the vision is for artists to directly get kickbacks from brands without any middle men. Fans will be able to find a consolidated place to buy products they need across a variety of categories with a seamless e-commerce experience.

How I built it

MeteorJS, Rocket.Chat boilerplate, blood sweat and tears

Challenges I ran into

Time constraints, writing a wrapper for searching MediaNet

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Realtime search with caching. Artists fully able to manage their recommendations with referral links.

What I learned

Move faster, skip things that take too long.

What's next for Artist Recommended

  • Amazon referral integration
  • On-site eCommerce integration and checkout
  • More robust artist recommendations control including real-time Amazon catalog search
  • Artist merchandise purchase and recommendations including albums, clothing, etc...
  • Sophisticated referral network and profit sharing for artists
  • Real-time chat between artists and users
  • Channel based chat for each artist
  • Robust brand management APIs and interface to negotiate endorsements and profit sharing

Built With

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