The problem statement shared by the Totle group

What it does

Trustless on-chain price information for smart contracts powered by eth2dai that is accurate, and attack resistant.

How we built it

We used the eth2dai exchange for price information to be served to smart contracts or clients

Challenges we ran into

The solidity version compatibility issues with eth2dai and the latest solidity versions for all the dependencies it is using The research required to understand the depth of the problem statement and the several new components involved Edging out different attack scenarios for the challenge shared

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Coming up with a novel alternative to the solution Polaris while addressing the primary challenges in the Polaris model such as the incentive model for the "pokers" and also the accuracy of the price information

What we learned

We learned about a lot of new components and a ton more about Solidity and the difference between the several versions

What's next for Artis

We have built a product that can go out in the market and start providing a service to smart contracts looking for the price information for any pairs of tokens on-chain, this product being the starting point for Eth2Dai, could be used to work for all kinds of pairs if the information can be sourced from a DEX like eth2dai. It also extends business opportunities for additional segments.

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