So the seasons flow One into another While every year lived The cycles grow shorter, With no guarantees of How many more may follow.

Stephen E Yocum Jul 2018

Time has its mark on everything around us and within us, the wether, trees, the environment changes. Our bodies, skin, hair, and strength. our mind, ideas, the thing we hate and the things we like. As we are living we are walking side by side with time in an ever changing journey, until it is all settled and stops.

The idea behind the artwork is very simple and very human, to visualize how we humans and our nature are constantly changing by time Thus, let everyone to feel and interact regardless of the difference in age, culture, background, language.

What it does

This project aims to create artworks using AI, we will generate 4 different artworks using Deep Learning models, each artwork will represent a weather season: Winter Spring Summer and Autumn

How we built it

We have used a deep learning algorithm called Neural Style Transfer (NST) it is widely used in fine arts. We have used Google Colab as a platform to use the GPU power and share the file with the team.

Challenges we ran into

  • Time management challenges,
  • Settling on the final idea, we had a lot of discussions our main goal was for the artwork to be meaningful, with an artistic background and a story, rather than it being random patterns.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Resulting with a creative idea, that we all agree on as a team.
  • Finishing 4 artworks in limited amount of time.
  • Being part of this AI Artathon, the experience is enriching and educating.

What we learned

  • Being able to creatively produce under pressure.
  • Join efforts and come together as a team to achieve the goal and actualize the idea.
  • Mixing the tow field of art and programming to reach a goal

What's next for Artificial Seasons

This is the output of 2 days of work, so definitely it will need more improving, aspects we will focus on in the future are:

  • Enhancing the quality of output with more high resolution.
  • Experimenting with different images and parameters weights to come up with the most aesthetically pleasing result.

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