Farmers are our Inspiration. Our Project is a Tribute to all the Farmers.

What it does

Since moisture levels play a crucial role on the growth of the plant we have created a project which captures the Feelings of a plant and project them on an LED screen by referring the moisture content from the soil.So, In case the farmers are not available in the field all the time we have attached a GSM module to our prototype so the farmer gets a notification about the condition of the plant in the form of an Emoji as most of the farmers are illiterates.We have even included Touch sensor in order to provide security to the farm.

How we built it

We have developed the code in c language with arduino software.We have attached different Modules Moisture sensor Touch Sensor 8*8 LED display arduino uno finally after the successful implementation of the code in the software we had dumped the overall code in the Arduino board.

Challenges we ran into

We have participated in various project expos in our college premises. We participated in KALAM INNOVATION FESTIVAL at bhimavaram organised by JD foundation.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We bagged 2nd prize under the Theme of Agriculture and rural development and recieved a cash prize of 10,000 along with gold medals for the project Artificial Plant Emotion Expressor.

What we learned

Trough this project we Enhanced our skills in various booming technologies like IOT. We learnt project management skills. We got acquainted with Team work and competitive spirit.

What's next for Artificial Plant Emotion Expressor

We further want to implement self watering system by a single click through your mobile phone so the irrigation is provided as per our requirement.

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