What it does It Does Secretes The Insulin Which The Diabetic Patient Take Into Them As Medicines On A Daily Routine I am A medical Student And Hence I Had Saw Many Diabetic Patients Intaking Insulin In Many Ways But I Need To Develop A artificial Organ Which Secretes Insulin By Itself Which Is Gonna Be Placed In A Human Body Through A Minor Surgery Which Would Secrete The Required Insulim To The Body

How I built it I Still On The Research On It And I Need The Companies To Hire Me And Help Me To take On My ProJect To Make AN Era In The World

Challenges I ran into Still I Need To Face Up As I Have MaNy more projects Like This

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The Confidence That The Company Would Hire Me Up To Finish up My Project

What I learned Dont Work Hard Work Smart Apply It In The Medical Field Too

What's next for Artificial Insulin Secreting Organ (AISO) It Would Chamge The Whole World And Make Every One To Look Back Our Conpany HITLAB

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