I get this Idea when I saw a movie running facial recognition software on security cameras while it was live, I thought that would be a cool Idea to have a drone to send out and search for some certain people that could be dangerous for our society, without risking any police officers.

What it does

Security Cameras are usually boring to monitor and it takes lots of time to search for the clips of incidents that happen or to find someone it usually takes a lot of time, so I came up with the Idea of a drone fly over a crowd and target only certain people that we are looking for by recognizing their faces.

How I built it

I used many programming languages and API's to build this project

Challenges I ran into

machine learning is always a challenge to face with.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I have the drone running very accurately recognizing faces

What I learned

machine learning

What's next for Artificial Drone

Built With

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