Incorporating new technology into known fields such as board games and other social activities.

What it does

it's basically a board game with solid mechanics, getting an AR component to add to its depth and strategy.

How we built it

We started designing the core mechanic of the game (PvP) earlier before the hackathon starts. during the hackathon we started to prototype the board game using printer and graphics and the AR app built using unity and Vuforia.

Challenges we ran into

Balancing the core mechanic, board game experience and AR experience in a sense that both of them have justified usability.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

the whole package including graphics, physical components, prototype app and etc. started and finished during the hackathon.

What we learned

Object hierarchy of vuforia. Image recognition and its usability. Basic UX transformation for digital use.

What's next for Artifice

Fine tuning the game mechanics to the point that's ready to publish. Designing different maps and database for the app.

Built With

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