We were inspired by the "swiping" design from Tinder and decided to build a web app that is similar to Tinder where you can "swipe" through artifacts. We integrated a "create a course" for people (like teachers) who want to create a predetermined sequence of artifacts to show others. We also added a discussion forum where users can ask/talk about the artifact

What it does

It displays various museum artifacts with a small description one at a time. Users can log in to save the artifact in their "collection", join the discussion page for the artifact, or view other artifacts. Users can also create a predetermined sequence of artifacts that they want to show to others (which we call a "course"). The web app will generate a code that represents the course and anyone with the code will be able to visit/follow the sequence of artifacts.

How we built it

We used Django and python for the backend and HTML/CSS/JS for the frontend with a bit of node/SCSS for styling

Challenges we ran into

  • Getting everyone to understand the same idea/design for the UI/UX
  • Figuring out how to get a specific sequence when the user inputs a code
  • Designing the databases
  • Making the web app dynamic without using a frontend framework

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Getting the project working
  • Building a fully-fledged web app
  • Designing the database

What we learned

  • How to sleep for only 4h
  • Got better at using git
  • Passing data from frontend to backend on the same page
  • Using JS to make webapp dynamic

What's next for Artifact Explore

We can probably use AI to create recommendations for what artifact the user sees next. We can also improve on the UX/UI for the discussion and artifact pages

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