One of our group members mother suffers from arthritis, and he wanted to help her get better with a fun process that she would have fun using.

What it does

It is a glove that lets elderly input gestures that control a character on their phone. Their grandchild can use their phone to control the other character on the elderly phone.

How I built it

We took sensory info. from the Arduino bot on a glove, then we exported that information to python. The python reads that and sends it to a firebase database. At the same time the 2nd phone( child phone) has three controls that have the same affect as the elderly and that data is sent to firebase. The first phone(elderly) retrieves that and shows it on the screen.

Challenges I ran into

Connecting Arduino to python to firebase Connecting swift/Xcode to firebase Building the glove contraption while the flimsy finger sensor are aligned, to make sure the sensors work.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Building a live time firebase database connected to two controllers Building a glove with an Arduino board and four finger sensors on it

What I learned

How to use firebase How to use finger sensors Building a cheaper alternative to other sensor type programs like a vr headset.

What's next for ArThrowFighter

Different levels/content for the app A more refined and aesthetically pleasing glove device for elderly

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