So we heard about all this hype around blockchain development and crypto currency, and got super curious ourselves! Co-incidentally, all three of us are into digital art, so we decided to make a decentralized web application using the Ethereum blockchain which will contain digital art models submitted by users all around the world!

What it does

Arthereum is an NFT marketplace which allows digital artists to connect to their ethereum wallet using the "MetaMask" extension. After submitting the art piece, and a direct buy price, they sign a digital contract via MetaMask and viola! Their art is in the blockchain...

Anyone wishing to purchase the art can do so by sending ethers to art owners using metamask.

How we built it

We designed the UI of the website using Bulma and CSS, used MetaMask to sign transactions and smart contracts in a secure manner, used the Truffle Framework to write and deploy the smart contract for digital art, web3.js library to interact with the blockchain and finally used Django to connect all the peaces together.

Challenges we ran into

Ok... this is a big question lol. None of us had any experience with blockchain development, so to pull of even a percentage of this project, we had to learn a new domain theoretically, learn an entire new framework built on a completely alien language, and also figure out a way to connect all of that to our UI(not to mention designing a UI for something we had no experience for). To top that off, this was Biraj and Sina's first ever hackathon!. (Abhigya isn't too experienced either haha). But we were able to work together surprisingly well in spite of being in different time zones!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Well, we are aware of the fact that this is an incomplete project. We had no idea what web3 is or even what NFTs are for that matter, and probably took on something bigger than we could handle. So, although this project is incomplete for the most part as far as blockchain is concerned, we do not consider this to be a failed attempt. We now at least know what web3 is all about. We did a lot of research and reading and we now know how to sign a smart contract. In future hackathons, we will for sure figure out how to make one :)

What we learned

This might be strange but the most important take away was that deployment can be as tricky as development. We relied heavily on ganache and local servers but faced trouble while actually deploying the project without debugging mode on.

As Already mentioned we spent our time reading about blockchain development using ethereum, and learn about the solidity framework Truffle.

What's next for Arthereum

Fix all the bugs first!! Then we want to connect the blockchain with Open Sea so it's easy for creators to distribute their art.

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