ArtformAR arose out of the frustrations of a shy girl who frequently visits art museums all over the world, only to get lost in them. She also happens to be an augmented reality hacker, so she used computer vision to come up with a solution to help everyone who visits galleries -- and even connect them!

What it does

Point to a painting in the gallery.

A grid shows up, where you can add and view annotations to the paintings in computer vision augmented reality.

When you are not looking at the painting and wondering where you are in the museum, the app shows the museum map and hotspot of where you are! (You can find out your location on the map without internet connectivity wifi or GPS by simply scanning a painting.)

You can also find out more about the painting by loading the official museum blurb, wikipedia search or Google Search. All the information is available via scanning - no typing required!

How I built it

I create a rapid prototyping framework called RealityScript that lets me create AR platforms like this efficiently.

Challenges I ran into

I wanted to talk to someone at the National Gallery of Art about it, but none of the volunteers at the museum would connect me. :-(

Maybe I might be able to get other museums to consider this app? It's just something I made that I'd like to contribute to the community.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Rapid prototyping optimizations. Time saved in not having to type up the painting or artist name to find out more about it.

What I learned

It's really hard to connect with museum people. The curators are never available to visitors.

Built With

  • areality3d
  • c#
  • realityscript
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