The app is inspired by how Patreon can help monetize art, WebToon's way of using coins to abstract the spending of money (vs another subscription, and TikTok's infinite, addictive scroll.

The need is inspired by how Covid19 has enforced how artists are often the riskiest segment of the workforce, often choosing flexible jobs in order to pursue their passions. Since Covid19, there has also been an increase in creator activity in Patreon, Soundcloud, and Twitch - showing that artists can create in the most trying of times and that people are willing to support them.

What it does

It will be an infinite scroll app - but not for social media. Users can switch between subscribed, certified, and all channels. Certified is ArtFinder Certified artists - mainly musicians and videographers - posting any length videos. However, there will also be previews for their content that can be unlocked using coins that a user will purchase in the coin shop. This allows users to selectively support artist's work.

How we built it

We plan to use React Native or Swift for the frontend and use AWS for backend (Cognito, DynamoDB, etc.)

Challenges we ran into

Accomplishments that we're proud of

What we learned

What's next for ArtFinder

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