Artemis Protocol - Crypto Investing Made Easy

A truly honest way for the average person to save, invest, and minimize risk. 

The large majority of Dapps, protocols, applications, and cryptocurrency product offerings are built by engineers for crypto enthusiasts and users with technical backgrounds and understanding.

With thousands of options, hundreds of wallets, and segmented markets, this creates a large gap and confusion in broader markets and with average retail investors who avoid investing in crypto altogether.

Artemis Protocol aims to solve this problem by becoming The first multi-chain DeFi dashboard built on the Luna Terra Ecosystem designed to make investing easy, sustainable, and fun for retail & institutional investors with an emphasis on Dollar-Cost-Averaging investments; built for average people so they “just get it." 

The major problems most investors face (whether in crypto or traditional markets) are uncertainty, lack of information, lack of trust in current platforms, confusion, and the risks associated with investing or using said platforms.

We aim to gain the trust of millions of users and to return the lion-share of interest/yield to the average retail investor in one complete "easy-to-use" DeFi dashboard that automates the tough stuff like "when to invest, how much to invest, and what to invest into."

This dashboard will be powerful because it will incorporate game psychology to make investors feel better about themselves, their financial decisions, and will even incentivize them to compete and join cohorts of "smart-money" investors.

Our first goal is to onboard 1.7% of all Luna Terra Wallets or .2% of the total Defi Market so they can DCA into cryptos of their choice using UST or Liquidity Pool rewards from other projects in a completely automated manner. This will create a revenue stream of 5 daily transactions per user and feed our perpetual TXN machine.

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