In developing Artemis, we drew on our passion for getting women more interested in tech and engineering. We're also all relatively new to Pittsburgh, so we know how difficult it can be to find resources in a new city. Plus, we're feeling a little nostalgia for the popularity of Pokemon Go...

What it does

Artemis is an interactive community that bridges the gap between the virtual world and real technology, people, and wanderlust.

Artemis: Goddesses of the Hunt inspires movement, investigation, and face-to-face social interaction with our user-centric scavenger hunt Pursuits. She provides tech-curious young women with a challenging, fun and accessible way to explore new technology, support small business, and inspire a generation of women innovators within their hometown.

Currently, Artemis has the following functionality implemented: maps with location services, interactive map location, and QR code reading for interaction.

How we built it

Artemis was built on Android Studio, using Google API's for maps, location services, and vision.

Challenges we ran into

Our team had one member with computer science experience, and four people with little experience with coding! So some of the difficulty was distributing tasks, although everyone pitched in and tried learning new things!

Implementing the QR code reading was one of the more challenging tasks technically, especially with getting the camera to cooperate.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We built something that's a start of our vision! We had a lot of creative energy on our team, and we had a lot of fun building our application and the associated materials.

What we learned

We learned some new things about Java and Android application development! Also, that coding can be pretty hard sometimes. It's easy to come up with features, but it's difficult to scale down for a weekend project.

What's next for Artemis: Goddesses of the Hunt

Some future work... While we implemented some of the core features, we need to add more of the gamified features (scores, social interaction) to the application. Past the programming aspects that need to be fleshed out, we would need to reach out to the community to start organizing a database for events!

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