We were sitting together as a team after dinner when our team member pulled out her phone and mentioned she needed to log her food – mentioning how she found the app she used (MyFitnessPal) to be quite tedious. This was a sentiment shared by many users we've encountered and we decided there must be a way that we could make this process simple and smooth!

What it does

Artemis is an Amazon Alexa experience that changes the way you engage in fitness and meal tracking. Log your food, caloric intake, and know what the breakdown of your daily diet is with a simple command. All you have to do is tell Artemis that you ate something, and she'll automatically record it for you, retrieve all pertinent nutrition information, and see how it stacks up with your daily goals. Check how you're doing at anytime by asking Artemis, "How am I doing?" or looking up your stats presented in a clear and digestible way at

How we built it

We took the foods processed from the language request, made a call to the Nutritionix API to get the caloric breakdown, and update the backend server which live-updates the dashboard. The smart-sensor waterbottle tracks water level by using ultrasonar waves that bounce back with distance data.

Challenges we ran into

It's definitely difficult for us to model data beyond the two days we've been working on this project and we wanted to model a lot richer of a data set in our dashboard.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're really proud of the product we've built!

  • Polished and pleasant user experience
  • Thorough coverage of conversation, can sustain a pertinent conversation with Artemis about healthy eating.
  • Wide breadth of data visualization
  • Categorical breakdown
  • Variances for Caloric intake over the course of the day
  • Items consumed as percentages of daily nutritional breakdown
  • Light sensor for fluid color detection (aside from water – no cheating with soda!)
  • Ultrasonar sensor that measures water level

What's next for Artemis

  • We're hoping to build Fitbit integration so that Alexa can directly log your food into one app.
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