My partner and I were inspired by the talent of individual artists and the power of mentorship. We believe that the power of mentorship allows for mutually beneficial connections, a lifetime of learning, and a space to grow. The "ArtAlly" branding came from the idea of a scene in nature where this type of relationship is present between a bird and an alligator. "Ally" also represents how individuals find each other and uplift one another.

What it does

Our app prompts the user to create an account/sign in. Once on the home page, a popup of artist profiles are displayed. The artist profiles would display a carousel of their work, as well as their name, profile image, school, and art forms. Artist profiles would be displayed, based on filters that the user can toggle. If the user is looking for an artist "Ally" of a specific art form, they can toggle on certain filters in their profile section. If the user is looking for artists of all ranges, they can toggle off the filters. When scrolling through the carousel, the user can either confirm or deny that they want to make a connection with another artist. Once they established an interest in another user, they can send them a greeting message about their career/skillset/art. The other user has to accept their "Ally" request first. Once both sides of the connection is accepted, the two users can freely message one another. The point of the messaging is to create personal one-on-one connections. It is up to the user, how much help they hope to receive and give to the other user.

How we built it

We built the mobile app through Xcode. We set up different view controllers to display all the general pages of our app.

Challenges we ran into

We both had little experience in the actual backend coding. One of our team members created a beautiful front-end design, but we had to find out how to incorporate it onto Xcode. Xcode was something that we were both not familiar or comfortable with.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We had great communication and spent a long time logically thinking of how we wanted this app to run, and who the app should be catered to. By logically thinking of how this app could run, we were able to connect sections of our app user interfaces.

What we learned

We learned that drafting an app is a huge process, but it starts with a small idea. There are many small components that are equally as important to the larger aspects of the app design. More importantly, we how to work together from different ends of the project. Savannah, who coded the back end had to about new things and terms on the front end, including how to bring them into the back end with Xcode. Joella, who worked on the design, had to learn more about CSS, SVGs, and asset linking in order for it to be coded on the back end. Overall, we learned more about the development process as a whole, and are now able to communicate our ends more strongly to our team.

What's next for ArtAlly

We hope to work on the back-end code to provide a functioning app. We would love to push this application for trial with actual university students and alumni.

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