Inspiration Art itself is an inspiration. We see art everyday around us, which tells a story and inspires one to create something beautiful.

What it does It basically has a notepad where we can write, copy paste links to have an organized data to be stored instead of always referring to history or saving it on a channel. The gallery lets you upload and store in the database the crafts you have learned. The find videos helps you find videos using the instruments you have at present to make a diy craft.

How we built it We brainstormed and came up with the idea to create a website. Since all of us were more confident in web development rather than the other, this seemed pretty reasonable.

Challenges we ran into The main challenge was the time constraint. We never made a team before so brainstorming the idea and coding the way through it was difficult.

Accomplishments that we're proud of This is the first time either of us ever participated in a hackathon. We never realized we could at least end up with a decent and working project.

What we learned We learned all the small, silly mistakes we do and corrected each other's which surprisingly taught us team work.

What's next for Art Work we would love too have more knowledge and resources to implement the idea, since we have a limited knowledge.

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