Inspired by the Philadelphia Museum of Art's collection and Bingo, we created a treasure hunt of chance. Each gallery holds a clue; you will never play the same game twice! Discover new galleries in search of Artingo's clues that match the images on your board. Five in a row gives you a win! Play with friends, other visitors or on your own. Return to the PMA to play Artingo again and again . . .it's different every time.

What it does

The object of Artingo is similar to Bingo: get five matches in a row to win. In Artingo, the app’s game caller retrieves images from the PMA’s database and assigns one per gallery, using the iBeacons.

You can log in with Facebook or as a guest. As a Facebook player, you will be able to post your winning board and share with friends and you have multiple play options:

  • Single Play – Play by yourself

  • Team Play – Play vs your friends with a unique board

  • Random Play – Artingo generates the same random board for users to cross paths and meet each other.

If you log in as a Guest you only have the Single Play option. With the board you can:

  • View and zoom in on your pieces

  • Locate yourself in the museum

  • Match your pieces

  • Learn how to win

When you enter a gallery, Artingo places a piece on your board. You explore the gallery to find the artwork that matches the game piece. When you find the art work, take a picture and Artingo verifies it. Does it match one of the pieces of art on your board, then you have a token towards Artingo. When you have 5 image matches in a row on your board then you win! You can share your board with friends on Facebook.

Artingo can be customized to accumulate points for images matched and for games won.

How we built it

Challenges we ran into

Accomplishments that we're proud of

What we learned

What's next for Artingo

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