MCIT On-Campus 2021 Winter Hackathon

Project Name: Artistic Transformation

Team Members

Name Year
Viola Li 2022
Xuchong Shao 2022

General Idea

When walking around an art gallary, we sometimes wonder what will an artwork look like in another style. Or how will a photograph look like under a master's paint brush. So our goal for this project is to transfer a picture using the style of another picture through what we learned in CIS545 last semester, machine learning

Technology Stack

  • Front end:
    • Out website begins with a simple demo instruction. After reviewing the instruction, user will continue to the application
    • User will update load two images of their choice, one for content and one for style, to produce the final integrated image
    • We beautified our website using HTML and CSS
  • Back end:
    • We used Tensorflow's interpreter to process the image through Python
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