Going to the museum can seem boring to many young children. In order to get kids more excited about art and history, we created a dynamic AR museum exhibit experience that you can tailor to your own preferences!

What it does

Our app immerses you in the works of a single artist while showing you a brief description of their life and work. When you are done admiring the works of one artist, you can search for another and enjoy a whole new experience!

How We built it

ARt is an iOS app that utilizes Alamofire to create an AR environment that you can step into. We used beautiful soup to web scrape information about the artists and to collect images of their works. Our app communicates with our server through JSON and HTTP requests. Plus we utilize the Google Maps API to show maps of each Artist's birthplace.

What challenges did you run into

Some of the challenges included...

  • resizing all of the images to be consistent
  • making sure all images were the correct file type
  • timing the downloading and uploading of images to the app
  • smoothing the communication between the server and the app
  • arranging the placement and orientation of AR items
  • web scraping only the desired information
  • implementing a spell check that would correct for names

What we learned

What's next for ARt

Look out for us on the App Store!

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