The Problem

Ever happened to you, that you want to put authentic artwork on your wall, but all you have is the Ikea poster. Art became kind of luxury being sold at expensive galleries. It is not widely accessible as it could be. While millions of people do want to have an art piece at their home, they also do not want to risk buying expensive piece that might not fit their home. Meanwhile many artists do not get presented by galleries. They have to promote their art with Instagram and other socials. They barely can sell their art.

What it does

art@home is the marketplace that brings together artists and buyers. The artists can sell the art directly to buyers. Thanks to Augmented Reality(AR) built in art@home mobile app buyers can check if the art piece fits their room by projecting art on their wall before buying it.

Target group:

  • people who want to buy authentic art for their home with accessible price
  • artists who easily want to sell their art without galleries

How we built it

We build mobile UI clickable prototype with Adobe-Xd for 2 main workflows:

  • artists to register easily on app and sell the art
  • user to navigate the art, project it on the wall and buy it.

We coded AR part of mobile app using ARKit and RealityKit from Apple. We added sign in with apple, authorization flow, firebase integration.

We conducted 10 user testing for buyers during the weekend and 3 interviews with the artists.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Machine Learning: We are building CV-powered recommendation system to suggest buyers artworks based on their preferences. In addition we built a way to recommend artworks of disparate content compared to that liked by customers, so they can discover something new they might like but would never come across. This is a brand new approach.


During crisis: We bring the digitization to not premium art market making possible for artists to earn money during COVID time. We also push local transactions on our platform to promote local artists.

After the crisis: We extend the platform globally making possible millions of people to buy art directly from artists who produce it.

Our business model is transaction based. For digital art we plan to partner with local printing services to print art closer to the buyer avoiding global shipping and making our business more sustainable.

What's next for art@home

We need to find funding and additional back-end developer to build the product.

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