The problem our project solves

Did you know that in 2018, there were 7.3 million people in cultural employment across the EU-27? That’s around 1 in 25 people in Europe who work in arts and culture, a sector now deeply disrupted by COVID-19, as to date most art experiences take place in crowded locations from theaters to concert venues. So how can artists, like Erika, who is an Opera singer, continue sharing her art and make a living in these difficult times?

At the same time, during this period of crisis and isolation, people more than ever need moments of joy, inspiration and creativity. This is especially true for the most vulnerable groups of society such as the elderly, who are isolated from their family and friends. These moments most often come through the arts and collective expression.


The solution we bring to the table

Art Hub transforms the relationship between artists, art venues and audiences forever by providing a digital space that is here to stay, creating a sustainable ecosystem that will complement traditional live performances as we have known them thus far.

Art Hub acts as a virtual marketplace providing the space for artists and individuals - like you and me - to connect, schedule and pay for live performances and events. Artists, theaters and audiences can create an entire new marketplace, scalable globally across cultures and national borders, opening up markets that were previously thought unimaginable. As an artist you simply need to create your profile and set up an event for which you will set the price, the timing and the maximum number of participants. Art Hub global audience will increase the artist network and provide a facility for the artist to interact with the audience by receiving direct feedback and chatting with them after the event. In this way we hope Art Hub will open and nourish new interactions and relationships between artist and audience, which, while not physical, will be direct, interactive and emotional.

In addition, Art Hub is completely carbon-neutral! A percentage of every transaction is put towards funding street artists and a Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) project chosen by the artist directly. Thus, Art Hub not only supports social cohesion through local tradition and culture but all SDGs!

What we have done during the weekend

We started off the weekend with an idea, a team and a blank sheet of paper. During the weekend we've had a blast unleashing creativity, working around the clock with a truly diverse and global team willing to make an impact for arts and humanity as a whole.

After 15’000+ cumulative minutes hacking, 1'000+ connections, 100+ video calls & countless cups of coffee, we hosted an MVP live performance by a wonderful soprano singer, Erika, to 48 online attendees, which confirmed that our concept is valid and scalable. In fact, a prominent Art Director who attended the event live commented: "I would have never imagined to feel such emotion through a live performance on a screen. The rendering of the event and the direct relation with the audience, despite the physical distance… it gave the performance something more, something new" - Caterina Mochi Sismondi, Choreographer, Founder of Theatrical Dance blucinQue, Artistic Director of the Café Müller Theatre in Turin, Italy.

We started on the product development side, have delivered 16k lines of code and have a website enabled to register and profile artists and venues, create events, market them and sell them through an integrated payment system. We have carried out intensive market research, on which we have based our business model and growth possibilities. In addition, we have connected with potential partners and shared the idea widely across social media. The first responses have been very positive and a prominent Art figure has even mentioned our project in the local press amplifying support for our case and echoing the need for the art industry to invest decisively in creating this "An extraordinary opportunity for artists and theaters to give an incredible boost to their audiences without the complexity of infrastructure nor bureaucratic costs" - Paolo Stratta, Founder of Cirko Vertigo and President of ACCI (Italian Association of Contemporary Circus)

The solution's impact to the crisis

Art Hub provides an opportunity for the arts industry, which operates almost exclusively from public spaces and is scrambling to reinvent itself online. Compared to other online streaming platforms, Art Hub will give back to local professional artists complete control over their content - price, timing, method of interaction with audience, promotion options and so on, allowing them to increase their revenue, network and content.

On the other hand, Art Hub helps isolated individuals by offering opportunities to view original and culturally enriching content in the comfort of their living room. The live performances will fill our time in isolation and provide us not just with distraction, but with meaning.

The necessities in order to continue the project

In such a fast-paced event, and with little time to switch from team creation mode to execution we simply could not fix every technical aspect of Art Hub. Hence, work on the technical solution is still underway but our technology experts assure us we should be able to have a soft launch in May.

Art Hub is continuing to explore complementary partnerships and alliances with other technology platforms aimed at shaping the digital (and possibly "virtual") live performance experience. We are also widening our network of artists and theaters to add on to the platform and seeking forms of sponsorship and funding, which will provide for much-needed cash injections to help us deliver on our intentions!

The value of our solution after the crisis

The crisis is pushing the boundaries of performing arts, obliging the artists to transition to online formats. This will lead to changes in individual habits beyond the crisis and allow Art Hub to become a new format for live performances.

The Art Hub community capacity to grow beyond borders and across generations is central to its longevity. Moreover, by giving back to the artists full control on their digital content, Art Hub will continue to be after the crisis the one-stop digital marketplace to connect independent artists and audiences through live entertainment.

Art Hub converts the fear and negative energy brought about by the virus into new long-term opportunities; we will bounce back from COVID-19 more resilient into a dimension of "transilience" which will transform the Live Art & Entertainment industry forever.


With Love From Art Hub

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