Art Tracker targets Millennial knowledge-seekers. We wanted to create a game experience for smart, motivated people like ourselves. Something fun and serious at the same time. An interactive, in-gallery experience that expands our knowledge of the PMA's collection to discover new art objects, artists and art genres we might have overlooked.

What it does

Inspired by the Carmen San Diego Game but for art. Players start solving cases in each gallery until there are none left, then move onto the next gallery. Art Detective will take you on a journey throughout all nine museum galleries, across three continents, and five art historic periods as you uncover the clues and discover new works.

Earn points as you track works of art on your path to art enlightenment.

Dive through the curated selection of art through text analysis and Mystery Clues. Art Detectives will take you on a curated journey throughout all nine museum galleries, across three continents and five art historic periods. Earn points as you hunt down works of art on your path to knowledge and enlightenment. Develop your artistic “taste”.

How we built it

REACT, Python, PMA API, blood, sweat, and tears

Challenges we ran into

Connecting the back and front end was extremely difficult. We used google cloud storage to run the back end on a server. However, this service is very difficult to use without prior experience. Google requires are lot specifications when creating a server. While this allows for a lot of freedom in design, it also complicates the setup process for beginners.

Trial and error with the data base set up. Learning REACT.js in just a few weeks.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Learning a wide variety of game/app design concepts within a short amount of time. Creating a game that works on any platform.

What we learned

What was it is like developing a game that focuses on the out-of-device experiences.

Github Links

Back End: Front End:

What's next for Art Trackers

Develop Art Trackers beyond a Beta version

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