Many digital artists today struggle with finding a solid way to show their services and art off, often stuck with the quirks and regulations of certain social media sites. This makes it hard for artists to continue working with their passion as they are stuck with pseudo-solutions to finding clients to commission artwork from them, and often puts them into a difficult spot financially. With art-connect, we set out to fix that.

What it does

This project aims to connect artists to potential clients and also show off their work to the world while making it easier for them to continue doing so. An artist will upload a small portfolio of works made by them and a list of prices for a commission. If they are not doing commissions, the website will still host their work to entertain the fact that they may be busy with other facets of life. Clients will browse the website in a social-media style forum, with artwork sprawled across the front page and specific sections to see art styles that are available to commission. If they find one they like, the website provides both the client and the artist with a way to contact each other and discuss the details of the commission.

How I built it

Utilizing the django framework we were able to develop an organized project that combined components of html and bootstrap with backend python.

Challenges I ran into

Not being able to deploy the site or successfully accomplish the create a post and comment function.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Finishing the login and registration of a client while being new to the django framework.

What I learned

Django python framework and styling with Bootstrapcdn.

What's next for art-connect

Repair "create a post" function and deploy to Heroku, add image database integration

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