In a world where cryptocurrencies are quickly becoming the worldwide replacement for fiat currencies, a vast number of people are choosing them as a secure payment medium. Art lovers and investors are already looking for ways to transition part of their portfolio into digital assets, and we are accommodating their wishes with a cryptocurrency for trading. We are a young team deeply diving into crypto. We meet partners from non-digital art and designed an opportunity to connect "real" art to the digital decentralized world. We know, that all "real" stuff sooner or later will be digitalized and tokenized. So, Art Club 88 is a result of our vision how the connection between these two worlds can look like.

What it does

Art Club 88 is a bridge between digital assets and non-digital art. Art Club 88 is a unique platform dedicated to art lovers and those who want to become art dealers of the future. In other words, it contains a pool of masterpieces owners on one side and investors, who can buy art shares, on the other side.

How we built it

We started with prototyping the MVP. Then explained how it would work to our partners (painting owners and artists). The idea was happily accepted and we continued coding. In the first iteration, we implemented backend and frontend. In the second we added the admin panel and Solana connector that allows having art shares in form of blockchain tokens. Backend: PHP, Symfony, and Typescript, NodeJS Frontend: Typescript, React

Challenges we ran into

A lot of work with less time. We are a team of 4 players. Two of us never touched any blockchains before. During the development process, we found better ways to connect the Solana ecosystem. We decided to follow up the initial plan to be able to release in time, and then in further iterations make updates with new vision and features.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We added 2FA authentication from the start. We connected the Solana blockchain quickly. We released the production beta version of the platform.

What we learned

Solana API is rich. How fast and cheap transactions change the game compared to other blockchains. What challenges are open to us in the future by using smart contracts.

What's next for Art Club 88

Meanwhile, we art adding about 500 new masterpieces to the gallery. Besides the current implementation, we plan to add a Web3 application and add NFTs support.

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