What is your project meant to do?

1. Product idea background

Many artists have extraordinary talents to produce extraordinary masterpieces. However, often these works cannot be sold to art collectors because of the lack of promotional media for them to sell them. In addition, the authenticity of a work of art is also a serious problem today. The increasing number of artificial works of art causes many people to experience losses that cannot be said to be small. From the buyer's side, the poor art delivery system makes collectors worried that the artwork they buy will be damaged during the trip. Not to mention the ownership certificate in the form of paper is very vulnerable to damage such as being exposed to water, torn, or lost.

2. Product Description

As a solution to this problem, we created Artbeat. Artbeat is a curated art marketplace that aims to connect people who appreciate arts and artists who are working with physical or digital mediums. On our platform, artists can sell various types of art ranging from paintings, Photographs, Sculptures, and many more.

To prevent fraudulent purchases of artwork, we have used a blockchain network to verify all artworks on our platform. Each artwork on our platform will get a certificate of authenticity registered as an NFT. In order to maintain safety in shipping, we have worked closely with experienced art handlers to ensure all artwork purchased can be shipped safely worldwide. In addition, we also work closely with art curators to ensure the authenticity of the work before making the NFT certificate of authenticity.

3. Our Vision

It is hoped that with Artbeat, it can Provide a place for talented artists to sell their masterpieces to people around the world, promote museums and exhibitions to reach more people, and reduce the level of fraud with the existence of NFT as the Certificate of Authenticity.

How do you envision it being built?

The architecture developed on the Artbeat system is divided into 3 main parts, the first service is the backend which will contain the service logic of the website work, built with the help of the Expressjs and the Prisma Database. The second part is the part to integrate NFT certificates that are on Artbeat into the smart contract system that is based on blockchain technology, built with the help of the BTTC(BitTorrent) and the Inter Planetary File System (IPFS(PINATA)) to store the smart contracts that are on each certificate.

The third part is the part that will be the live viewable interface that we built with the NextJS Typescript framework. In addition to the three main sections, there is also the use of the metamask wallet as a cryptocurrency wallet that will assist in the creation of tokens every time transaction occurs. By connecting to the metamask wallet, the smart contract that has been built in the system will create a new node in the chain every time a transaction occurs.

How would your project work?

We use agile software development methods in product creation. In our opinion, this method is very suitable for our startup because it is adaptive and responsive to changing times. In manufacturing the product, we need a computer/laptop in the process of writing program code and buying a server to release the website online.

As for the distribution chain, we start by collaborating with the artist to register artwork to be sold on our platform. Furthermore, prospective buyers can access our website to purchase artwork.

Project Test Instruction :

Set your network on metamask with BTTC testnet

Network name : BitTorrent Chain Donau

RPC : https://pre-rpc.bt.io/

Chain ID : 1029

Symbol : BTT

Block Explorer : https://testscan.bt.io

For admin test :

List NFT (COA) - (actually this step is only for ArtBeat staff)

  • Sign in to admin account email : admin@admin.com password : admin

  • Connect to metamask wallet with BitTorrent Chain Donau

  • Click the profile icon then select “List an NFT”

Alt text

  • Then fill in all the fields, as well as the NFT (COA)

Alt text

  • make sure there is a balance in the wallet for gas and listing fees

  • If the listing is successful, the NFT(COA) will appear on the explore page

For users ( collectors ) :

  • Connect to your metamask wallet by clicking connect button at the right side of the navbar (Chain : BitTorrent Chain Donau - Testnet)

  • We have some section like artist, event, and museum that you can check

Alt text

  • If you want to buy artwork, you can go to explore section

  • After that you can select the desired artwork.

Alt text

  • Click Details

Alt text

  • Then click buy now and make a payment using BitTorrent testnet

Alt text

  • After payment is complete, you already have the NFT (COA) and you are automatically entitled to the physical artwork registered with the COA.

  • You can check your NFT in your profile, click profile icon, and check profile

Alt text

  • You can see the NFT that you have purchased in “my collection”

Alt text

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