Art at the Edge of Evolution is a VR Experience where users explore 3D worlds from the Impressionist, Expressionist, Surrealist and Pop Art eras.

Swirling stars against thick blue paint, oily roads across waterlily ponds and dadaist non-sense are all around. Burning giraffes, dancing ballerinas and modern art convertibles will be our guides in this fantastic journey.

Imagine Monet, Dali and Warhol had the technology we have today.

Soon available on the AppStore for iPhone 6 and Zeiss VR One!

Burning Giraffe

Progress by switching on elements and effects by gaze control. Move objects, change scenes and find reminiscences of works by van Gogh, Degas, Duchamp, Magritte, Monet, Dali, Johns and Warhol.

With this app I wanted to show how it "feels" to be immersed in a piece of art. Also I wanted to include the story behind the works. For instance if an artist voluntarily admitted himself to a lunatic asylum where he produced some of the best-known works of his career, the corresponding scene starts with some chaotics graphic and audio effects. Later on you can experience the quietness of a village in the middle of the night. Or one of the artists presented very large boxes in small art gallery rooms. A scene of claustrophobic proportions is a reminiscence of this event.
(This experience is not another walkthrough or painting in 3D. This has already been done, see "Inside Vermeer's Studio" or "Inside Painters").

Technical info:

  • Unity3D 4.6.3 P3 and 5.0.1
  • Oculus Mobile SDK 0.5.1
  • Photosop CC
  • modo 801
  • C#

Most of the scenes are generated procedurally. Objects and effects are placed randomly. While working most of the time on rendering issues and visual optimization, I hope you will find my app enjoyable and entertaining. Please forgive me for the unfinished state.

Burning Giraffe

What's next:

  • Scenes inspired by Grosz, Heckel, ELK, Schwitters, Miro and Lichtenstein
  • Smooth transitions between scenes*
  • Image effects*
  • Spatial audio
  • Support for Samsung Galaxy S6 + Gear VR 2.0
  • Unity3D Pro, Unity3D Android Pro
  • Polishing, polishing, polishing

*Requires full Unity3D 5 SDK support

Thank You
Design4real and Dexperio for lending me your Gear VR + Note 4 devices. I owe you one.

Bowler Frank

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Thanks for your time,

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