Art and Gaming category, "How can we best bring attention to lesser known artistic communities?"

What it does

This web app is built on the DeSo blockchain, providing the complete social media interface with Tinder-like UI for swiping based randomized exploration to discover lesser known artists and consumers. Artists can upload their content and consumers interact with it. General users can swipe right to like, swipe left to ignore, and even tip to support the artist. Users can view their liked art and the profiles of Artists, and Artists can view their posts along with likes and tips.


The big names in art stay in the mainstream and breaking out and getting recognition is difficult. We were inspired to give recognition to those lesser known artists. Personal inspiration came from Doug Kacena a gallerist in Denver at K-Contemporary who pushes to expose novel powerful art in innovative ways.


  • Login with your Deso Account to be a User (ensure you have an account on BitClout associated to DeSo already
  • Sign Up as an Artist specifically with your Deso Bitclout Account (all your bitclout image posts will be associated to ArtLedger)
  • Swipe right to Like or Swipe left to skip a piece of art
  • View the complete profile of the artist (likes, tips, posts) for the post is currently on display
  • View your profile, owned DeSo coin value and liked art gallery
  • Press the diamond button and select the tip level to tip the artist's post (Integration issues)

How to run

  1. Clone the repo
  2. To run the client/frontend: cd client; npm i; npm start;
  3. To run the server/backend: cd server; pip3 install -r requirements.txt; python3; The server will start on localhost, port 5000. Note: you may need to install dependencies like pycryptodome individually first on Linux/MacOS to prevent pyrebase clashes.

Dependencies used


  • reactjs
  • react-router-dom
  • material-ui (really cool library for icons and other ui needs!)
    • material-ui/icons
    • material-ui/code
  • react-tinder-card


  • python3
  • flask
  • deso (blockchain)
  • pyrebase (Firebase wrapper for side information)

Challenges we ran into

The journey was riddled with challenges. The most notable included, accessing the user accounts and info on DeSo and its blockchain API through our server, as well as integration of the API in time with the dynamic SPA.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of having a mostly finished product. We are proud to work with blockchain for the first time. We are proud to give lesser known artists a space to shine and show their work.

What we learned

We learned how to make a web app. We learned how to work with the DeSo blockchain - especially a decentralized social media network such as this where each transaction has to be created and signed, and how to integrate it with an actual practical use case. We also made substantial edits to the existing python wrapper.

Code Sources used for help

What's next for DeSoArt

  • Preference-based model to optimize the randomized exploration for new art
  • Provide the option to convert highly rated art pieces into NFTs
  • Build a large userbase, UI/UX improvements
  • More advanced tipping, CreatorCoin, Buy Coin, Buy NFT...
  • AI-based verification of artists sign up
  • Expand to other forms of art e.g. music, reels
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