The fact that the sports-watching experience is still constrained to just watching it on TV - what if the user can be also made part of the game and experience it in a more immersive way, where he is interacting with the game and making decisions on how to view it, get information from it - not just limited to what the game broadcast offers, but beyond.

What it does

Allows the user to have a more immersive experience when it comes to watching any type of sports

How we built it

Using Unity SDK for Windows 10 as an Augmented Reality application for the Microsoft Hololens.

Challenges we ran into

Spatial Mapping was a bit challenging, as well as updating to the latest version of the HoloToolkit, integrating voice calls and AI to the food ordering system

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Getting as much as we did in 2 days, creating cool 3d assets from scratch and getting voice commands in a short period of time

What we learned

Architecting and structuring an augmented reality, having a deeper understanding in Unity

What's next for ARSports

Improve on the spatial mapping and space awareness, integrate AI for enhancing the food ordering experience, consuming the realtime, play-by-play sports data api to link it to actual data

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