How If you can preview the items before buying it? How if you can try glasses, hats, accessories or even virtual furniture? It's amazing to try something at home no Commercial pressure, no wasting time? It's amazing to get the best price and the link to buy it

What it does

ARShopi allows users to place virtual furniture into their own home to see how everything might look once assembled. Or the opportunity to try glasses, hats, accessories. to try however the scale was somewhat questionable, and it required a physical copy of the paper catalog to work. and give the opportunity to get the best price on the market (amazon, Ebay, Kijijji)

How I built it

Using Android Studio, Augmented Reality ARcore Android, Google Vision FaceDetection API, Google Cloud & IBM Watson

Challenges I ran into

Augmented Reality ARcore Android, a new physics concepts, the community so small, no documentation, API still in development phase, Google Vision FaceDetection API placing the item in the right position,

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Finishing the project and worked on Augmented Reality Project

What I learned

Augmented Reality ARcore, Machine learning work with various API

What's next for ARShopi

Allow sharing on the social media like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Incorporate the feedback to learn more about the Items

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