Arrowood Registration Software is built on Facebook's React ES6 JavaScript framework and Google's Firebase. With summer camp registration in mind, Arrowood Registration Software is a paperless solution that also provides access to the data on any device at any time (as long as it is connected to the internet). In the past 24 hours I have set up user authentication and set up higher-order component rendering based on a user's userType. The next step is to complete the dashboard components and implement data analytic functions like demographic marketing analysis and average annual retention rate. In the future I hope to use React Native to deploy my application to both iOS and Android devices. I'm also looking for a front-end developer who knows Sass and is familiar with, or at least willing to learn some React basics, so they can manage all the UI design and I can focus on the routing, database functionality, and data management. Contact me at if you are interested!

Prize's I am eligible for:

  • Best Use of a Database (Any database! = Firebase)

  • Best Beginner Hack (everyone on your team must be a first time hackathon attendee)

  • Best web/mobile app

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