We were inspired by games such as Asteroids and a two player game mobile phone game.

What it does

Two players can move around their triangles using WASD and UP DOWN LEFT RIGH and shoot using the c and m keys.

How we built it

We used python

Challenges we ran into

Their were many bugs in the syntax that were so small it took hours to notice them

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Finishing the game even though it was very frustrating to debug it

What we learned

We improved our python skills and problem solving ability

What's next for Arrow Fighter

ArrowFighter is set to exceed all other video games by achieving record sales. It is predicted by our top analysts that it will amass a gaming monopoly, on all platforms some which don't even exist yet. It is also predicted that by 2050 arrow fighter will have the entirety of north and south under its control.
Kidding. Arrow Fighter will most likely employ improvements to the game play mechanics, and graphics by increasing fluidity and variety. This can be accomplished by introducing new arenas, fighters, and textures and streamlining the code.

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